Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Christmas movie

My daughter and I searched all the local libraries until we located a copy. We love Hallmark movies, and this one (from 1999) is even better than most: romance, kids with puppy dog eyes, Santa, and a Guardian Angel that saves the day THREE times! Don't miss "A Season for Miracles."

A couple of Christmas movies reviews

At Tea at Trianon:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Come to the Stable

Our family recently had the chance to see this charming film from 1949 starring Loretta Young. I was under the impression for some reason it was a Christmas film, it wasn't, but it was a very entertaining way to spend a snowy afternoon. Come to the Stable is the story of two French sisters (they call them nuns, but my daughter kept correcting the film!), who have been inspired by events in France during the war to come to the U.S. and build a children's hospital. 

The sisters have no plan other than to build the hospital in Bethlehem when they arrive. They are met with many obstacles, from where they can stay, to how to gain the Bishop's support, armed only with St. Jude metals. The sisters' innocence and hopefulness delights everyone they encounter. The most hard hearted mobster has no power against their persuasion.

The movie is witty, too, on their first visit to New York, the sisters mistake a parking ticket for an advertisement and tear it up, in front of the police officer who placed it there. The movie does not poke fun at them, but rather the lack of simplicity of those around them. It harkens back to to a time when sisters were respected. Those who know religious sisters now, will find many of the antics of the sisters in the movie even more humorous, envisioning the sisters we know in the same position as those in the film. 

One small note, the movie is not available on DVD yet, but it is a view it instantly movie at Netflix. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Cheese Nun

The Cheese Nun doesn't sound like an exciting title... but the whole family enjoyed the documentary of the Regina Laudis nun who is an expert in cheese! The PBS documentary excels in allowing her to speak of her choice of a contemplative, full habit Benedictine life with joy and clarity.

Description on PBS site:
Sister Noella Marcellino, "The Cheese Nun," takes viewers on a fascinating and delightful personal journey as she becomes a champion for artisanal cheesemakers on both sides of the Atlantic. While making a 20,000-mile odyssey through some of the most remote cheesemaking regions of France, little did she realize that she was on her way to becoming a leading international expert in the art of natural-milk cheesemaking.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Truman is well done and well said

We watched this movie during election week--Powerful! I was surprised how many things haven't changed: like media bias, unrest in the Middle East, fragile European alliances, and making tough military decisions based on the best-guess of the facts at the moment.

Gary Sinise does a Harry Truman that's so believable you would think you were in Independence, Mo! This biographical movie of Harry Truman is true to history and based upon the Pulitzer Prize winning biography by David McCullough. My kids had read about his childhood beforehand. We also visited the Truman Library and saw his grand piano, his two "Truman Chryslers," and his love letters to Beth.

Truman was a WWI soldier, a failed business man, a latecomer to the Senate, and a compromise candidate for vice-president. Then he unexpectedly became president when Roosevelt died only 3 months into his fourth term. Three years later, Truman boasts a come-from-behind victory (see "Dewey Defeats Truman" newspaper headline) in the 1948 election which showed that his integrity and All-American values resonated with the average American voter. His presidency was actually full of historical significance: the Marshall Plan, the atomic bomb, beginning of the Cold War, NATO, Israel becoming a state, anti-Communism in our foreign policy, the United Nations charter, Civil Rights, and the Korean War. Great movie for a unit study within many subject areas!

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