Monday, March 17, 2008

Just for St. Pat's day, a great Irish family film

This weekend my family had the joy of watching The Secret of Roan Inish. We honestly didn't get it for St. Patrick's day, that was just a happy coinciedence. Until now, I hadn't seen this film, but remembered hearing good things about it. What a delightful movie!

The film is the story of a girl, who is sent to the country to live with her grandparents. She is actually returning to the place to her birth, as her family moved to the city. Her life has not been cheery and blissful, but hard and sad. Her mother has died, and her baby brother was lost at sea and the family has been displaced from there ancestral home. Fiona, the young girl, is told tale after tale about her family's history, including the legend of the selkie, or seal bride. The stories interweave to create a mystery for Fiona, and great hope that she will see her baby brother again.

The film is rated PG, and some younger children may find it intense. My 6 year old son really enjoyed it and was not scared at all. There is toddler nudity, but it is not distasteful. I was surprised how much my kids enjoyed The Secret of Roan Inish, they have told every person they have seen in the past 2 days about the movie. It was so charming and innocent, yet thoroughly entertaining.

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