Saturday, April 26, 2008

Expelled review

Read the review here, as posted in the LifeSite news website.

Update April 27: I went to watch it last night. It was funny! The whole theater laughed together many times. And then we also balked together at some of the incredible assertions made by some of the atheists interviewed. One thing both my friend Mary and I were astounded to find in the film was the crystal clear connection he makes between Nazism, Eugenics and ... Planned Parenthood. Loud and clear. Amazing. The film may truly open so many people's eyes! And then there is the creative camera angle on the statue of Charles Darwin... and the reading aloud of some of his lines, verbatim. Very cleverly inserted: how many of us have always known of Darwin but never actually did read what he wrote?

The five minutes in the final segment/interview with Richard Dawkins is worth the price of the ticket, I told Mary and her husband Mike as we discussed it over a cup of coffee afterwards. His admitting that there may have been an alien, more advanced civilization who implanted the signature found in early life form... let's say it raises questions to say the least. The first would be the obvious question: if another civilization started life on earth, then there is still the question of who created that other one. Good grief. And the second question would naturally follow: isn't believing in God more sensible than this nonsense?


Esther said...

We saw it when it first opened. My son wrote a review of it on his blog.

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Can you link it here?