Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One movie, two titles

We have watched both the new Indiana Jones film and the latest sequel of National Treasure within a few days of each other, and we realized it's the same movie! Both deal with finding the pre-Columbian lost City of Gold, both deal with older males re-encountering their old true love. Neither is excellent, and the Indiana Jones', albeit all of Harrison's Ford's continuing charm, is pretty violent. But depending on your kids/ages, both may provide fun family time. Never mind that one version of the City of Gold ends up being in Black Hills and the other in Iguassu Falls, which they want us to believe is a series of waterfalls in the Amazon somewhere. They cannot fool this Brazilian. This has been tried before--in James Bond's Moonraker--which I watched as a teen in Brazil. I joined in the general laughter in the theater as James Bond entered the Sugar Loaf cable car, ran behind that mountain (in Rio) to find himself in the Amazon River (5000km or so away, mind you) and then falls off the Iguassu Falls, 7000 km away? I don't think so.

Educational aspects? The Resolute story--and the two desks made from it, one in the White House, one in Buckingham Palace. The nuclear mushroom cloud/testing done is NV is pretty well done. Any others anyone can think of?


Love2Learn Mom said...

I haven't seen National Treasure 2 yet, but John and I saw Indiana Jones last week and enjoyed the flick. (John reminded me that he didn't enjoy the genre until he realized that they were supposed to be after the fashion of comic books - I've always enjoyed the series myself.) Haven't decided yet about what to let the kids see. There was one scene (involving the ants) that I looked away for.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

My son was insulted that you dared diss his two [currently] favorite movies--he hasn't seen them yet, incidentally, but he's fascinated by both characters.

Good thing we're [trying]to teach him balanced thinking, eh?

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Yikes-- that was the worst scene-- tell them ahead of time, we discussed how well, ants could never do that! It's comic if you think about it-- and well done.

Margaret, tell him I really didn't diss them! We enjoyed both of them! :-)

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Check this bit about the film written by Fr. Dwight Longnecker!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Ah, Fr. Dwight really nailed it, I think. I couldn't figure out what to say about it on the blog because it was entertaining, but there wasn't much to it.