Friday, August 8, 2008

Kit Kittredge - An American Girl movie

For 5 years I was known locally as "The American Girl Club lady" so I simply had to take my daughter to see the newest American Girl movie. My boys thought they were too old for a G rating - especially one about a girl. To their surprise, there was not one doll in the whole movie. It was a funny yet poignant hit with all of us (ages 10 to 42).

Based on the Depression-era series of books by Valerie Tripp, this short film offers a sneak peak into Cincinnati during 1934, and kids today would do well to learn from it. Soup kitchens, hobo secret symbols, and feed-sack dresses are just some of the lessons Kit experiences firsthand. American Girl afficianados will be pleased with the attention to details, like Kit's necklace, pet dog, desk lamp, typewriter, ball mitt, and friend Ruthie. Why not take the kids out for a little unit study before school begins? And we can all be thankful for our blessings from God.


Love2Learn Mom said...

I just saw this movie yesterday with all of my kids in tow (they have a Thursday morning special for $2.50 a person) and we REALLY enjoyed it! Great music and memorabilia, intriguing storyline, well-acted characters and a lovely theme about making it through tough times. Two thumbs up!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

My daughter watched it with friends and they all loved it!