Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nancy Drew-book turned film

My daughter loves the Nancy Drew Books, and because of that, I was rather hesitant to see the film from 2007. How could the charms of Nancy Drew remain intact when so many other classic books have been so distorted? Our library had a copy in, and we took the plunge.

Much to my surprise, I loved this movie. It was sweet, it was clever, and it was a bit hokey, but in a very charming way. Nancy is a fish out of water in California, who proudly proclaims "she likes old things", and she never sways from her ideals. She does not bow to the pressures around her, and is not ashamed to be different.

There is nothing really special about the plot, a simple mystery but told in a delightful way. Even the boys in our house enjoyed the film, it was exciting enough for them. Pre-teen girls and Young teens will enjoy Nancy Drew, and moms will enjoy watching it with them.