Thursday, October 15, 2009

Movie Review "Come What May"

My teen daughter and I finally watched "Come What May" and heartily recommend it! Focused on the college debate team at Patrick Henry College, one boy must decide whether he'll argue for or against Roe v. Wade. All the while, his mother is facing the same situation in a real courtroom. Compelling messages about pro-life science, courtship, and fidelity in marriage. Plus it was written by the same man who gave us "The Rookie" and "Miracle," two sports movies that my family loves!
You know they are a brainiac family when they argue by writing Latin phrases on the chalkboard! Note: We have Latin phrases on Meggar's chalkboard - but they are for encouragement, not argument!

I believe this is the first film from the Advent Film Group, which was formed by film professionals who wanted to create another Christian witness in the industry. It is a high-quality DVD and thought-provoking script. They received support and a staring role from Dr. Michael Ferris, founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association (1983) and Patrick Henry College (2000). I look for more good movies to come after this.


Love2Learn Mom said...

I actually found this movie very frustrating, though I'm sure it's creators had very good intentions. The writing and acting are very poor in some places - even inadvertently contradicting their own themes at times (though the charm of the lead actors evens things out just a bit).

In particular the movie ended by saying that love is best when it's new - I'm sorry, but that's an argument for a one night stand, not for courtship.

Also, the infomercial-ish nature of the college angle was annoying to me.

David said...

They were not saying love was best when it was new; love is best when it is pure, untarnished by previous choices and actions in life. I happen to agree; the girl (singular) I give my heart to is going to be the one I marry - AND spend the rest of my life with. "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." [Mark 10:9]