Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sorry to post mid-way through, but PBS is airing a new sequel to "Cranford" last Sunday and this Sunday (Jan. 10 & 17, 2010).

The original "Cranford" DVD is a compilation of stories from three books by Elizabeth Gaskell, a Victorian novelist: Cranford, Mr Harrison's Confessions, and My Lady Ludlow. Everyone will enjoy the humorous vignettes from an 1840s British town near Manchester, and its widows who fear such things as the modern progress of the railway as much they fear offending any one's gentility or accidentally exposing their poverty. Of course, we love Dame Judi Dench and her character Miss Matty, whose gentleness brings out the best in her neighbors. You might say she inspires everyone to avoid the near occasions of sin.


Veritas said...

This show was just recently recommended to me. Can you tell me what age groups it would be appropriate for? Is it appropriate for the entire family? Is there any profanity, nudity, or other scenes that a parent should be made aware?

Candise and Crew said...

Completely appropriate for all ages. British humor is understated so it may not seem like a comedy to younger children. But they would easily understand the story lines and sympathize with the characters of 1804 who fear the modern progress of the railroad. In one scene, the hired man falls and his broken arm protrudes from the skin, and another shows an operation without anesthesia, but not in a gory way. It's a very wholesome movie with absolutely NO profanity or nudity or cleavage like modern flicks. In fact, the romantic young couple practices courtship. (Hint: My teenage daughter and I enjoyed it the most as we are Jane Austen fans.)