Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Masterpiece

My husband and I have become hooked on Masterpiece Theater.  Would you believe that I saw “Captain Wentworth” last week?  Jane Austen fans will be drooling as he plays Hannay in “The 39 Steps.”  This spy-themed movie-ette is currently showing free for a limited time online, and you can watch instantly here.  Because it is only 1 hour and 23 minutes long, it’s a perfect evening break from your routine.  Some educational value concerning WWI, but much better than “Any Human Heart,” which was last month’s free installment.  This would be fine for all ages.  Of course, we also are eager to watch “Upstairs Downstairs,” which starts today.  I didn’t realize the Masterpiece schedule was changing so regularly, and I wanted to make sure my blog friends were also having the benefit of watching these free classics!  Plus there's a sweepstakes at PBS to win a trip to the UK, which I have entered again and again...

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