Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Crusades

The director of this 1935 movie, The Crusades the legendary Cecil B. de Mille, known for his historical epics. It stars Loretta Young and Henry Wilcoxon.

The story takes place during the Third Crusade. We have King Richard the Lion-Hearted setting off to this crusade. He is doing this not so much as for the honorable thing in fighting the good fight, but instead as a way of getting out of an arranged marriage. The king's plans backfire when he is forced to marry another princess, whose father will only provide food for the king's starving men if he agrees to this arranged marriage.

Richard the Lion-Hearted is really so adverse to marriage that he does not even have the decency to attend his own wedding. Instead, the poor princess is forced to be married by proxy to the king's sword.

As the movie continues onward, the couple's feelings will change and much of this change has to do with the quest they are on. The are there to save the Holy Land and Christianity.

It has been awhile since I have seen this old movie. But one that I look forward to watching again soon. It is one that my dad had highly recommended. I think everyone, young and old alike will enjoy the movie as it has something for everyone: humor, romance, adventure, and for Catholic families, it is a testament to the Faith and a noble cause that is worth fighting for.

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