Friday, November 23, 2007

Evan Almighty

This is a movie that I wanted to watch. However, I never got around to it when it was in the theaters. The other evening my family and I went to Blockbusters to get some new movies for the long weekend. We each got to choose one movie and I chose this one.

Evan Almighty is a good and relatively clean family movie. Steve Carell plays the lead role of Evan. He is quite popular now starring in the hit TV show The Office and also starring in Dan in Real Life. In this movie he reprises his original role he had in Bruce Almighty, where he played a newscaster.

According to Wikipedia neither Jim Carrey nor Jennifer Aniston wanted to reprise their roles for this sequel to the movie Bruce Almighty. We should be grateful to them for that decision.

Even though Bruce Almighty was a movie about a man's relationship with God, it had many scenes and topics that were quite sinful...crude language, a couple living together without the benefit of marriage, etc. Even though it had a good message, it was hard to watch the movie as a family, because of the inappropriate scenes. This is not the case in the sequel.

Here we have a happily married man, his loving wife and their three children, all boys. Evan is elected a congressman and moves to Virginia. It is there that God chooses him to do His work.

It is a very humorous yet interesting story with an actual modern day twist on an Old Testament tale.

I recommend this movie for all ages. My DH and DS actually thanked me for choosing the movie. They really enjoyed it.

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Suzanne Temple said...

We really enjoyed this movie, too. We call it "high grade mindless entertainment."