Friday, October 19, 2007

Mother Teresa - The Movie


Last year my family and I watched the movie about Mother Teresa. The following is an excerpt of the review I posted on my blog:
Ms. Hussey does an incredible job of bringing Mother Teresa to life for us. She somehow captured Mother's mannerisms and with a little help of make-up, she looked a little like dear Mother Teresa...but not quite.
The complete review can be found Here

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Candise and Crew said...

While my kids were snowboarding, I stayed in the lodge watched the movie. I had borrowed the DVD from my mom but it is also available from NetFlix. What an excellent portrayal of the saint of Calcutta! It was easy to watch, and I recommend it for the whole family. Her passion to respect the poorest of the poor is so evident, yet her humility in pursuing this dream is astonishing. It is not a complete biography because it does not include scenes from her early life. This film was produced by Lux Vide, as an Italian TV special, in 2003 in honor of her beatification. Hope you get a chance to watch it!