Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Terri and Bernie's Favorite "School" Movies

Two of my daughters made this list up for me when they were eight (Terri) and six (Bernie) years old:

David Macaulay Building Big Series

Rick Steves' Best of Europe (the ones they've seen - not by any means all)

Nature (the ones they've seen - I think Bears, Dogs and Horses are particular favorites)

Pope John Paul II (the "new" one with Cary Elwes - i.e. Wesley from The Princess Bride - Bernie says... "I LOVE the Pope movie!")

Jesus of Nazareth (Terri, in particular, loves big epic religious dramas)

Microcosmos (Terri qualifies - "except for some gross parts")

Amazing Caves (IMAX)

This is America Charlie Brown (Bernie is enthusiastic here, but Terri says "sort of")

March of the Penguins

Song of Bernadette

Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

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