Saturday, January 19, 2008


On the O'Reilly Factor yesterday, Bill O'Reilly picked 90 year young Ernest Borgnine as the American Icon of the Week. Mr. Borgnine certainly deserved that honor. I am so happy I watched that segment because a wonderful movie that I had just about forgotten about, was highlighted. That movie was Marty which was released in 1955.

I remember first watching the movie as a young girl and I really enjoyed it. It was a movie that was set in a city. I don't recall if it was New York City or not but that is one reason I remember deciding to watch it. I have a penchant for New York City based movies.

Ernest Borgnine played a single guy who was a butcher by trade and who lived with his mother, (an actress by the name of Esther Minciotti). His mother unintentionally put pressure on him to get married and have a family. He was a lonely guy who felt no girl would want to date him because he wasn't attractive. He did have a bunch of friends who he hung around with for company.

One day, he meets a lonely and shy teacher, (beautifully portrayed by actress Betsy Blair), and eventually they hit it off. Unfortunately, jealously drives Marty's mother and his friends to tell him that she is not good enough or attractive enough for him.

This becomes a problem that Marty has to face. Does he please his mother ? Does he please his friends, and therefore submit to peer pressure? Or, does he go to the woman he is falling in love with?

I highly recommend it.

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I checked it on Netflix-- you can watch a very interesting trailer for this film there.