Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Movie Juno: a Review

The movie Juno is being called a mini-blockbuster and took third in box-office sales this past weekend. I’m not surprised; I dragged my husband to it a couple weeks ago (It was our anniversary; he was feeling amenable) and we both loved it.

Well, “love” is a strong word for my patent attorney husband. He did really like it, though, as far as I can tell, and as far as I could tell (based on my sidelong glances), he even swiped at his eyes once or twice by the end of it.

But don’t tell him I told you.

Anyway. I’m giving the movie one more shout-out because it’s really very good. Clever, quirky, engaging, cute…you’ll laugh and you’ll fall in love with the leading actress for all her sassy smartness. She’s coping as best as she can and I commend her.

You may also be uncomfortable a couple of times—there is a scene of brief but discreet intimacy at the beginning, and the would-be adoptive father (played by Jason Bateman) has some issues—but hey, life can be uncomfortable and teenage pregnancy is certainly out there for us to deal with.

Better a movie that celebrates one teenager’s pregnancy (and her responsible decision-making regarding it) then one that promotes abortion.

That’s why I’m telling ya.

Go to this movie.

PS. This is my first review for Love2learn at the Movies so go easy on me! Also, I do not yet have teenagers so I'm not all that certain on how to go about recommending the ages for this film. I'm going to say ages 16 and up, but feel free to leave a comment and offer your opinion.

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Thanks for the post, Margaret! I knew nothing about this movie so far!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Thanks for posting this review! If I get a chance to get to the theatre (pretty big if!), I'm hoping to see this one soon. Nice to see you here!!!

Esther said...

Good review. I have a question though. I have been wondering how the issue of pre-marital sex is broached. Does the movie say to teens, it's okay? Or does it give a better message to them?

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Esther: here is a comment I just left on this post at my blog.

"I'd agree that, as with any controversial subject, you have to know your teens. This is a hard one for me; I'm a mom who does not yet have teens!

Would I let my 13-year-old see this movie? Probably...not. Would I let my 16-year-old? Yes.

I was asked at the Love2Learn at the Movies site if this movie condones premarital sex and I would have to say no. The leading character has clear regret over her mistake--not that a new baby is EVER a mistake, but conceiving one at 16 and outside of marriage is--and this regret is shown so poignantly when she tells her parents.

Ellen Page an amazing actress which is one of the reasons why I loved this film so much. She reminds me of my niece!

Anyway, it IS a modern movie that was not produced by a Catholic filmmaker and so there are some words that are quite...well, modern. "Junk" is one of them. (Look it up if you have to.)

Whether or not you want your children to hear such dialogue is up to you. We can't shelter them forever from what is "out there". We can, however, work through it with them before they move away...and that's the kind of parent I pray I'll be."

I hope that helps, Esther! I don't think that premarital sex is seen as "okay" in this movie. It becomes pretty clear--at least to me, as an adult--that the teenagers recognize their mistake. It's how they handle it that is so commendable.

Oh, and one last thing that may be offensive to some. The stepmom in the movie does initially propose abortion. After that, though, she is extrememly supportive.

Esther said...

Thank you Margaret!!