Monday, January 28, 2008

A reader's comments on PBS' Mansfield Park last Sunday

My daughter really liked this "Mansfield Park" especially compared to the movie version. I thought Edmund and Mary were exceptional, but I didn't like Fanny running after some little child so often. It seemed out of place; too much running. I liked the Henry Crawford actor, although he's a terrible personality in the book. Not a very good Mrs. Norris, I'm afraid. I was glad that they put in the bit about the necklace gift from Fanny's brother William. Overall it was a good rendition! Wonder what the others thought?
Candise L.S.


Matilda said...

I posted my thoughts on this new version here but I am afraid I didn't care for it as much as your reader's daughter. I will preface my thoughts by reiterating that I have not read the novel yet so I have no idea how constant they stayed, but I have read some other reviews by true Jane Austen fanatics and I have to say that most people seemed to have thought it a disappointment.

Matilda said...

I just wanted to add that I believe this story (like most Jane Austen stories) is an excellent one and I look forward to reading the novel as soon as I can get to the library.

The problems I had were with the people who (I think) sadly failed in their attempt to bring this excellent story to the small screen. I think they missed most of the true beauty of this story and failed the author and her fans in their retelling.

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I wanted to write something positive about "Mansfield Park" for those who haven't read the book: My 15 yo dd likes Fanny Price exceedinly because she is not tempted to fall in love with the flirtatious Henry Crawford.
Everyone tries to persuade Fanny but she holds to her morals. In the end, she wins the greatest happiness... this is a hopeful message for a good Catholic teen who is saving herself for marriage!
-Candise & Crew