Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Harvest

Random Harvest
The other evening Turner Classic Movies paid tribute to Greer Garson, who also starred in the beautiful and touching movie Mrs. Miniver.

The movie my husband and I watched was Random Harvest starring Ronald Colman (who also starred in A Tale of Two Cities) and of course Greer Garson.

This 1942 movie was based on a book by James Hilton who also wrote Lost Horizon. It is a story set during World War I. Mr. Colman plays Smithy a soldier suffering from amnesia and recently released from an asylum. Ms. Garson plays Paula, a vivacious stage entertainer who has a soft spot of the ailing "Smithy". When Smithy is in danger of being returned to the asylum and in order to protect him, Paula runs away with him.

The two inevitably fall in love, marry and have a child.

One day, Smithy has a chance for a good employment position and goes to Liverpool for an interview. However, an accident prevents him from keeping that appointment but it helps restore his memory.

The tale now gets complicated for all involved.

I had never seen this movie before the other night. It captivated both my husband and me with the beauty of the storyline. It is now on my list of the top love stories of all times.

"She's My Daisy" video.


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

OOh! I have watched this movie!! Long, long ago! My grandmother loved it! Simply unforgettable! I'll get it for the family! Thanks, Esther!!

Anonymous said...

I just love watching these old moveies. Nice to go back to the good old days.